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About Us

Music is an experience.

VOCA Music is a non-profit association of musicians and artists in the Southern California community whose focus is to produce performance-based events in modern and engaging ways. Our mission is to create meaningful musical experiences that are accessible to broad audiences, while providing performance opportunities to local artists and giving back to our local arts communities. 


Our Story

Music is an ever evolving art-form that bridges the gap between time, culture, and language. It bridges the gap between individuals, and joins them in a single unifying experience. 

Hello! We are founders, opera singers, and sisters, Diana Villwock Naatz and Sandra Villwock. VOCA Music came to life from a dream of ours to bring the beauty of opera and classical music to broader audiences in unique and engaging ways. We know that opera can often seem intimidating to today's audiences, but we hope to shift this perception by presenting immersive, multi-sensory musical experiences that create a new sense of appreciation for this beautiful art-form.


During the past few years, we started putting on performances for family, friends, and our local community fulfilling our passion for singing and for curating artistic programs. As we continued to receive positive feedback, the performances evolved and grew. Now we have developed an amazing network of top professional musicians and partners to create truly magical and unifying events. 


We partner with expert sommeliers, local wineries, breweries, and caterers to perfectly pair the music selections with various notes of flavors in the food and drink based on geographical region, mood, and historical context. Similarly, by including visually stimulating elements to our performances via guest dancers, fine artists, et cetera, we create a deepened understanding of the complex emotions that arise from each of these art forms, individually and together. 


We strongly believe the more you know about the music, the more you will connect to it, therefore, VOCA Music events provide some musical context and translations in concise and fun ways.

VOCA Music is a non-profit organization and purely a product of our love for music. We are overjoyed to be able to give back to our local community with donations and proceeds from our events, and are equally thrilled to have this opportunity to share these truly unique musical experiences with our community.

Hope to see you at our next event!

Meet The Team


Diana Naatz
Co-Founder | Artistic Director


Sandra Villwock, Ph.D.
Co-Founder | Artistic Director


Peter Afiuny

Our Partners

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